Afflictions, Trials, Tribulations, and Discipline
By Luis M. Orta A.M., M. Div.
Book Summary
All my life I have been taught that humankind suffers afflictions as a consequence of sin. As I matured in my adult life I realized that not all afflictions can be traced back to specific sins or consequences of specific actions. Many times we see children suffering and they couldn’t have done anything to bring about the affliction because they are too young. 
In Chicago, I’ve known devout Christians with a gift for giving and a profound love for the Lord who suffer afflictions inexplicably while serving God. Watching people who strive for goodness and innocent children suffer has helped me realize that afflictions are not always a result of our sins but are often used to purify and strengthen our faith for the Glory of God.
Author Profile
In my situation, I have been praying to God to relieve me of my affliction (Multiple Sclerosis) but I am still afflicted. Why? I have been prayed for by Healers, Prophets, Pastors, and Miracle Workers at many Healing Services yet I appear to be getting worse. I was told that I didn’t have enough faith to be healed. I was not very wise in the ways of God at that time so I believed that I didn’t have enough faith. Thank God that I now understand that not to be true and now God has called me to dispel those erroneous teachings. I will suffer this and possibly other afflictions until I am prepared to stand before God purified of all earthly desires and contaminants. This is my preparation for Glory.
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